I want to take a moment to introduce Kate Harris.

Many of you already know Kate as the Hoffman Estates Chapter Director and as an advocate for healthy living with her Melaleuca business. Kate has most recently stepped up to support our DPWN Angel Foundation as the “Director of Internal Event Development and Fundraising”. Please welcome and thank Kate for stepping up into this new role.

Kate will be reaching out to the Chapter Directors over the next week to see how our chapters can become more involved with the foundation in the various ways.

  1. Does the chapter have a Philanthropy Chair and Special Events Chair? If so please connect Kate with them so she can build her Chapter Ambassador communications database.
  2. Does the chapter want a better understanding of the foundation, it’s goals, and how they can be more supportive?
  3. Does the chapter want to host an event or partner with a neighboring chapter to hold a joint event to support the Foundation?

Please support Kate and get back to her with these needs so she can be SUPER SUCCESSFUL in her new role.

Yeah Kate!!!