We are very excited to be making significant progress with the formation of the DPWN Angel Foundation. Our next step is to reach out to our members to get their involvement. Our mission is clear and our goals are BIG because we know our community has a heart of gold and can make a significant impact in the lives of our “Angels” in need.

Who are our “Angels” in need?

The DPWN Angel Foundation is a service-oriented organization with a mission to make a significant impact in the lives of qualifying mothers by leveraging the continually expanding resources of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc. To be eligible for assistance from the DPWN Angel Foundation, the minimum following criteria must be met.

We Help Any Woman Who:

  • Is a single or soon to be single mother of a dependent child or children.
  • Is a US Citizen over 18yr of age with no criminal record.
  • Is going through a major life transition including, but not limited to divorce, illness, death or job loss.
  • Does not qualify for any form of government assistance due to her income level and/or current assets.
  • Is referred by an active DPWN Member so they can become your Sponsor.
  • Submits the Angel Application to Support@DPWNAngels.org and include “Angel Application” in the email subject line.

(Please note: For confidentially reasons, this application must be submitted by applicant, not by the Sponsoring DPWN Member.)

How do we help our “Angels” in need?

Once approved will provide them a mentor to work with them for a 6 month period. That mentor will work with the Angel to determine how we can best support their needs in the following ways.

  • Connect them to the appropriate resource inside of our DPWN Community.
  • Connect them to the appropriate resource outside of our DPWN Community.
  • Provide them the appropriate financial assistance.