Ways You Can Help


Volunteer Commitment

To exercise the duties and responsibilities of this appointment with integrity, collegiality and due care and pledge to:

  • Make every effort to attend any on-line meetings and conference calls relevant to your committee.
  • Contribute to discussions at scheduled meetings, having read the agenda and all background support materials relevant to the meeting.
  • Promote what is best for the entire committee and for the profession, not your personal agenda.
  • Complete all assignments within time frames established by the committee chair.
  • Support in a positive manner all actions taken by the committee, even when I am in a minority position on such actions.

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Angel Provider

To assist the Director of Angel Providers in vetting Angel Providers to ensure that the Foundation is providing the appropriate type of volunteer professional services to our Angels

  • Stays connected with designated Angel Providers to ensure that the needs of the Angel are being met and help find additional Angel Providers when appropriate
  • Utilize the DPWN Member profile system within the DPWN website to research and reach out to member talents the Foundation is in need of for the benefit of existing Angels

To assist in the creating of written, verbal and visual communication pieces for Marketing all special events and fund developing events

  • Work with other Committee Directors to ensure programs, technical assistance and resource materials align with the Foundation’s activities
  • Seek regular input from the Foundation’s key constituencies regarding the quality of programs and services

To work in coordination with the Director of Operations and helps oversee the general operation of the Foundation. Helps in the communication process with other Committee Directors to ensure concerns are addressed

  • Works with the Director to ensure that the Foundation’s everyday activities run smoothly
  • Review and evaluate business procedures ranging from expenses to revenue
Educational Programs

To assist in the planning, implementing and evaluating of educational programs affiliated with the foundation.

  • Work with Committee Members to develop objective performance measurements across all levels, to ensure consistent, high-quality mentoring or outreach is being conducted
  • Communicate with the Director of Volunteers regarding volunteer needs for upcoming Educational Programs
Connection Coach

Connection Coach: Works with the Director of Connection Coaches to match Angels to the proper Connection Coach that will work side-by-side with an Angel to connect her to the appropriate resources provided through the foundation.

The Connection Coach will:

  • Utilize the DPWN Member profile system within the DPWN website to research and reach out to member talents the Foundation is in need of for the benefit of existing Angels
  • Stay connected with Angel Providers to assure a that their designated Angel is connected to the appropriate Angel Provider based on her needs
  • Work closely with designated Angel to understand her needs including, but not limited to additional career development to secure employment, outreach to local resources and/or financial assistance
Communication and PR

To work with the Director of Communication and Public Relations to ensure that all communications, written, verbal or visual clearly communicate the foundation’s mission.

  • Help make sure that the Foundation’s philosophy, mission and vision are pertinent and practiced throughout all marketing and communication pieces
  • Assist in the editing of the organization’s website
Development and Fundraising

To help grow relationships as they relate to the foundation.

  • Help update the Angel Foundation’s database of donors and properly and accurately record all in-kind, cash and other donations
  • Assist in the organization of special events

To help monitor Board Members’ Terms and tracks the end of each term. Communicate with the Director of Nominations the soon-to-be vacant seats and possible candid

  • Helps identify at least one nominee for each office to be filled
  • Check DPWN membership list to be sure suggested nominee is a member